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WAR Wrestling

We Are Relentless

relentless [re'len(t)les] (ADJECTIVE): oppressively constant; incessant; never stopping

WAR Wrestling, established 2007, is a youth wrestling club based out of South Forsyth High School.  WAR Wrestling trains kids, ages 4-14, to compete at a youth level and ultimately move into high school wrestling and beyond.

WAR Wrestling is a seasonal sports team (not a year-round program).  WAR encourages kids to compete in a variety of sports, but during wrestling season, WAR wrestlers must be committed to wrestling.  Some wrestlers compete year round in partnership with other clubs.

WAR Wrestling teaches kids fundamentals, focusing on mastery of the technical execution of each move.  WAR Wrestling also focuses on physical conditioning with part of each practice dedicated to becoming stronger, faster, and more flexible.

WAR Wrestling prepares kids to be leaders on and off the mat.  War Wrestling teaches kids self-discipline, hard-work, and confidence.  

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