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"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." - Dan Gable

Why Wrestle?

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Wrestling is a demanding sport that improves an athlete's physical fitness, mental toughness, and self-discipline. While an individual sport, wrestling also involves a team that trains together and supports each other in competition.  Wrestling will push an athlete to the limit and beyond.  It's never too late to start.

About the Team

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Upcoming Events

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Registration: August 15th

Parent Meeting: September 6th

Registration Closes: September 22nd

Coach's Corner

Wrestling in the off season...

We aren't going to be champions unless we are working RIGHT NOW!


We've partnered with Morris Fitness Wrestling and  Teknique Wrestling to get you off-season mat time.  Practices at Morris are on Monday/Wednesday from 7-8:30PM and Saturdays at 12:30PM.  Practices at Teknique are Monday-Thursday from 7-8:30PM and Sundays from 2-4PM.  Email/Text me for more info.

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